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Parasites are a common problem for dog owners and a BIG problem for the dogs. Fleas and ticks especially can wander around the house and cause health problems for everyone in the vicinity. This is why it is in the interest of the homeowner to make sure that their dogs are parasite-free, allowing for full comfort in the home – not just for the pooch but also for everyone else living in the house.

There are currently several products specifically made to help dog lovers control and eradicate fleas, ticks, and other parasites in dogs. Currently one of the most popular and highly regarded product is Revolution.

Where to buy Revolution for dogs without vet prescription

What is Revolution?

Revolution is an anti-parasite product given on a monthly basis to prevent infestation in canines and felines. The medication targets several parasitic issues include: ear mites, heartworms, fleas, hookworms, and roundworms. Note though that the product is NOT bought over the counter. Revolution is powerful enough that it requires the prescription of a veterinarian for proper use. Currently, Revolution Flavor Tabs are not yet available in the market.

Why Revolution and How Does it Work?

Revolution is a topical product that manages to penetrate the skin of your pet and entering the bloodstream where it starts to work. The main component is called selamectin which acts primarily as a preventive against heartworms. Other parasites ingest the chemical in the bloodstream, causing them to be divested from the body. In the same way, fleas and ticks manage to suck out the blood which kills them eventually. Studies have shown that the same component also discourages fleas and ticks from laying eggs on the dog, thereby completely cutting the life cycle of these parasites.

The great thing about Revolution is the fact that it manages to treat several parasitic problems all at once. Unlike other medications, the product is also safe for use of pregnant or lactating females.

Each dosage of Revolution can prevent fleas for a solid month or 30 days. After this, reapplication is necessary to make sure that the dog stays healthy and free from parasites.


Revolution Side Effects and Usage Warnings

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Although Revolution works as an effective tick treatment for dogs, there are some precautions that owners should watch out for.

• First off, make sure that you’re only giving the dog a recommended dosage. The veterinarian should provide you with the exact amount, based on the weight of the pooch. The standard dosage however is 2.7 mg for every pound.
• Some dog breeds can be sensitive to the main ingredient, specifically Collies and herding dogs. If this is the case, an 8-hour observation of the pooch after administering the drug is recommended.
• If your dog is a hearing/seeing eye dog, chances are they will be more sensitive to the presence of Revolution and will therefore be agitated. In cases like this, make sure that you’re strictly following the recommended dosage

• Digestive problem is the most quoted side effect of Revolution although very few dogs actually have this problem. Reports reveal that only 1% of pets actually suffer from temporary digestive issues after application
• Note that Revolution should NOT be used on weak or underweight dogs. Wait for the pooch to achieve peak health before application
• Wet hair application is NOT allowed. Follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian as well as the label of the product
• If you’re already using a different heartworm/parasite medication, avoid using Revolution


Can Revolution Kill Fleas and Ticks?

Yes – Revolution can definitely kill fleas and ticks as well as prevent further infestation, making it the perfect dog flea treatment. As mentioned, the topical application not only bypasses the skin and blends with the blood but the surface of the skin is also affected, deterring fleas and ticks from breeding on the pooch.

Note though that Revolution is a preventive for heartworm rather than a treatment. This means that the dog should first be inspected for existing adult heartworms before application. Ideally, the adult heartworm is first removed through a safer medication with Revolution used to simply make sure that the problem doesn’t occur again.

Flea Infestation in Dogs

Flea infestation is quite common and in most cases, the problem is year round. You’ll find though that the infestation is more pervasive during the summer. This is why aside from Revolution; homeowners are advised to make sure that proper hygiene is followed when it comes to their dogs. Baths using flea and tick soap are recommended as well as routine visits to the vet. Patches in your dog’s skin can be a sign that there are too many fleas residing in the fur.

Dog owners are also advised to clean routinely since fleas and ticks have been known to rest in different corners of the house, most especially the carpet. Cleaning this particular area can help make sure that your home and dog is 100% free of parasites.

Revolution For dogs comes in:

  • Drops for  5-10 pounds canines
  • Drops for  11-20 pounds canines
  • Drops for 21-40 pounds canines
  • Drops for 41-85 pounds canines
  • Drops for 86-135 pounds canines

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